With Helena's background and training in various art academies around the world she has developed a style that is truly unique.

Her degree in animation  translates well into her art adding motion and movement to her paintings.

Helena's love for sculpting is evident in her work.  Not only does the clay come alive but her art captures and moves you.


Helena's art studio is located in Southern California.

Her is work is available for purchase around the world and in the following media:

  • Original Paintings
  • Limited High Quality Giclee on Canvas
  • Fine Art Prints - Numbered Limited Edition. Signed by Artist, Embellished Hand-Painted Details Upon Request
  • Sculptures








About The Artist


Helena is a painter and sculptress with a childhood in Paris-- half Italian, half Swedish.  She has lived around the world and speaks five languages.  Her life parallel is the story of Anastasia.  Growing up in Paris close to the Château de Vincennes surrounded by love, family, friends, wine and chandeliers, her childhood life was abruptly interrupted by a bitter divorce - a bitter cold when she was transferred to a life of hardship and opposition in the north of Scandinavia.  In order to survive -- she started to create and has never stopped.


A word from the artist.....

“For me, there is nothing more captivating than the “Truth” whether it is in the nakedness of bare human emotion or an answer and solution of things now and yet to come - 

Nothing of essence can exist or prevail without it.

With my paintings I want to inspire joy, anticipation, energy and hope.”







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